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For more than 45 years Kappler has led the protective clothing industry with patented technology, proven garment designs and straightforward advice on what to wear. No matter the hazard, Kappler on your suit means you always know what you’re getting into. Here on our website you’ll find helpful resources from our HazMatch® suit selection tool to how-to videos and NFPA details. And no-nonsense Tech Support is just a call away at 1-800-600-4019.

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The Best Protective Apparel Advice Comes With A Southern Accent.

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Understanding the NFPA 1990 consolidated standard for protective ensembles.

NFPA 1990 Standard for Protective Ensembles for Hazardous Materials and CBRN Operations was approved and issued by the National Fire Protection Association, effective as of January 24, 2023. Click for an overview of the consolidated standard and to learn about Kappler’s NFPA 1990-certified products.

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New Distributor Portal and Webstore

Distributors can order online plus more at new Webstore.

Kappler Distributors can now use the new Webstore feature of our expanded Distributor Portal. Distributors can place orders, view order status, see order tracking and access invoicing — plus it includes a chat feature.

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Four Families of Innovative Protection


Bio/General Protection

Proven MicroporousTechnology - From Biohazard Scenarios To General Hazards.

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Chemical Protection

Unsurpassed protection, an easy-to-use numbering system, and colored garments for identification.

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FR/Chemical/Arc Flash Protection

The DuraChem® family brings tough, proven protection to a wide range of hazard scenarios.

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Chemical/FR Protection

Three-way protection for chemical, flash-fire and radiant heat.

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Accessory Items

From patented ChemTape® to our automated Digital Pressure Test Kit, Kappler extras take your PPE program to the highest level.

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Y'all Call

The best protective apparel advice comes with a southern accent.

  • Have suit questions?
  • Need a chemical tested?
  • Want a sample suit to evaluate?

Kappler garments are made with American pride in Alabama where the accent is always on quality.

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