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  • ProVent®

    ProVent offers excellent general hazard protection in a breathable, microporous fabric for enhanced comfort. Good against particle hazards and light splash situations, ProVent also passes the ASTM F1670 blood penetration test. From maintenance work to spray painting to general healthcare, ProVent offers Kappler quality you can count on.

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  • ProVent® BC

    ProVent BC offers a Berry Compliant solution to general hazard protection with a lightweight composite fabric utilizing microporous film technology. For DoD applications where Berry Compliant are important considerations, Kappler comes through with Made In USA quality for hazardous particles and light splash situations.

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  • ProVent® Plus

    ProVent® Plus is the only NFPA 1999 certified single-use garment that provides an economical solution for fentanyl response situations faced by law enforcement. With its breathable barrier fabric for enhanced comfort, plus a tactical garment design, ProVent® Plus offers a proven, affordable alternative to expensive reusable garments. ProVent® Plus also provides proven blood and viral protection, passing the ASTM F1671 blood and viral penetration tests.

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  • DuraChem® 200

    DuraChem® 200 is multi-purpose, high-visibility FR apparel with added protection against Chemical, Arc Flash, Steam and Hot Water, and Molten Metal Splash hazards. Available as a coverall or multi-piece configuration, it offers breathable, launderable protection for a wide range of applications for daytime or nighttime work. Certified to or compliant with six key industry safety standards, it helps simplify PPE selection and inventory with a multi-hazard apparel solution. From industrial applications to emergency response, DuraChem 200 is a proven workhorse with the data to back it up.

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  • DuraChem® 500

    The game-changing NFPA 1994 solution for terrorism incident response. It’s the only NFPA-certified terrorism response suit to meet one elusive goal: maximum protection at an affordable price.

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  • Zytron® 100XP

    Zytron 100XP garments provide excellent physical strength and basic chemical resistance, ideal for applications where workers need protection from dry particulates, light splash, paint spray and similar aerosols.

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  • Zytron® 200

    Zytron® 200 ups the protection level for chemical workers through increased resistance to a wider range of chemicals and greater physical strength — especially valuable in applications where rip-out is a concern due to more demanding work conditions.

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  • Zytron® 300

    Zytron® 300 is ideal for demanding hazardous applications where there is potential for chemical splash, even in significant exposure scenarios, as well as for biohazard applications. Excellent physical strength and broad chemical holdout take the protection level of this fabric up a serious notch. With an extensive chemicals-tested list, Zytron 300 is a real workhorse of the Zytron family, available in a wide range of garment types including NFPA certified styles. In addition, Zytron 300 fabric and seams have been tested for blood and viral resistance in accordance with ASTM F 1671 and show passing results.

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  • Zytron® 300 FR

    Increased OSHA scrutiny is highlighting the need for NFPA 2113 compliant chemical apparel. From acrylonitrile to xylenes, chemical manufacturing and petrochemical workers encounter dozens of hazards where chemical and FR protection are both critical. Kappler’s Zytron 300 FR is the first and only protective suit to combine extensive chemical protection with NFPA 2113 assurance. With 200-plus chemicals tested, Zytron 300 FR offers four times the testing of similar suits. Learn how Kappler innovation is reducing risk exposure with a multi-purpose garment providing primary chemical protection with secondary FR.

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  • Zytron® 400

    Zytron® 400 is one tough customer, with excellent physical properties. It's also a bargain by comparison, with a broad range of chemical protection typically found in garments costing much more.

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  • Zytron® 500

    Zytron® 500 is the classic emergency responder choice for hazmat response and other demanding situations. It's tough, built for mobility, and based on patented technology that created the first material to survive eight full hours against the ASTM F1001 Test Battery with no breakthrough. Now with an extensive chemicals-tested list numbering in the hundreds, it's no wonder that responders around the world trust Z500 garments for ultra-demanding Level A and Level B applications.

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  • Frontline 300

    Finally, a true “Splash and Flash” solution — Frontline® 300 is ideal for petro-chemical line break situations. Developed with detailed input from petrochemical Safety Officers, this garment offers a single-fabric solution for combined chemical-flash fire protection.

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  • Frontline 500

    Now get triple assurance with a single suit certified to NFPA 1991. Frontline® 500 offers three-way protection — broad chemical holdout, plus flame resistance and radiant heat protection for the additional hazards encountered in a chemical flash-fire.

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  • ChemTape®

    ChemTape provides added assurance for taping around gloves, boots, respirators and storm flaps, plus shelter-in-place applications. Rolls are 2” X 60 yd (48 mm wide and 55 meters long); 24 rolls per case, Style 99402 YW.

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Sources for all chemical test data are independent laboratories. All tests were performed under laboratory conditions and not under actual use conditions. Tests were performed on material samples, not actual garments. All chemicals tested at >95% concentration and 75° F, unless otherwise specified.

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